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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Mr. Match [Mister 05] by J.A. Huss!


   Oliver comes into the picture just as the music starts. A dark, deep, electronic thrum of organ, and bass, and slow tech synth beats. The vocals claim they want more. And I can relate.
   “I want more,” Younger Oliver sings to Younger Katya in his low voice. He lowers his naked body over hers. “More… gimme more… gimme more.”
   Then Older Oliver is walking down the stairs, hunger—nothing but complete and utter hunger—in his expression as he looks at Older Me.
   “I want more,” he says, coming up to the stool. He lifts both of my legs, placing my ankles on his shoulders. He grips my white schoolgirl blouse and rips it open. Buttons fly off as he exposes me with a small grunt that sounds like lust. And then he pulls my panties down to my knees and presses his body into mine.
   Fingertips on his zipper, Pulling him out. It takes me one whole slow-motion second to realize I’m the one doing that.
   His hard cock bumps up against my wet pussy and he grinds me like that. His breath is hot like cinnamon when he kisses me. “More… gimme more… gimme more,” he sings into my mouth. “I’m gonna take more, Katya.”
   I have no complaints. I don’t even bother wasting time forming words to let him know.
   On the wall, Younger Katya is moaning as Younger Oliver slips his dick inside her pussy.
   In front of me, this Oliver does the same thing.
   The music is hypnotic and the sex going on all around me is like a drug. An aphrodisiac that makes liquid pool between my legs. Surround his cock as he fucks me slowly. Makes my whole body yearn…
   More… gimme more… gimme more.
   “Oliver,” Younger Me is saying in the movie on the wall. “Oliver,” Older Me is panting in real time.
   “I love you,” Younger Oliver says in the movie. “I fucking love you,” Older Oliver is saying as he bites my lip hard enough to make it bleed.
   The sex is loud.
   And sick.
   And slick.
   Filled with filthy erotic grunts and the slapping of skin on skin as he pounds me to the rhythm of our past.
   We are animals. We fuck like animals. Primal and intrinsic and primitive.
   But it is nothing if not love.
   We come together this time.
   Hot, and so sweaty our bodies want to stick together. And then we kiss. He kisses me like he is thirsty and I am cool, clear water.
   More… gimme more… gimme more.

Oliver Shrike thinks ahead. He likes to make lists and tick off boxes. He plans, he plots, and he’s got everything under control.

Until one day he sees my videos on his dating site. The private erotic videos I make just for him.

When I’m looking at the camera I can practically see his face. Hear the internal arguments. Feel his desire.

Because I’m that kind of woman.

You should delete my videos, Oliver Shrike. It’s your job to keep that dating site on the up and up.

But you don’t, do you?

You watch them. You get off to them. You crave them.

Every week I make a new one with you in mind. I’ve got you addicted to my body, my moans, my secrets.

I’ve hooked you now, Mr. Match. You’ve been in control for way too long and this is where it ends.
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Author bio:

JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AuthorJAHuss), Twitter (@jahuss), and her blog, New Adult Addiction (www.jahuss.com).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list (http://eepurl.com/JVhAr) and get those details delivered right to your inbox.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Allure [The Lilituria Prophecy 02] by Grace White!

 From the moment Kai Stanton laid eyes on Daiya, he knew something was special about her. But a haze surrounds them, and like a dark cloud, it shadows their relationship. What if his feelings aren't his own? Can he trust himself? Can he trust the girl he’s almost certain he’s falling in love with? With Kai’s father back and insistent on inserting himself into his life, everything starts to spin out of control. He doesn't know what—or who—to believe anymore.
Daiya Cattiva knew awakening would be difficult, but she had no idea she would find herself at the center of an ancient prophecy that could change everything. She knows her destiny is entwined with Kai’s, but how can she be sure what he feels is real and not just the allure of the demon inside her? Either way, Kai’s life hangs in the balance, and Daiya must make a choice: save Kai over the greater good, or be with Kai and risk her demon consuming him.
It only takes one touch ... the next could be their last.
 Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

Author bio:

Grace White is author of the upcoming ‘Lilituria Prophecy Series’, a mature YA / NA paranormal romance.

She resides in the UK with her family and enjoys reading, binge watching series on her Amazon Firestick, and losing herself in a good book.


Monday, 5 December 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Pretty Lost Dolls [Pretty Stolen Dolls 02] by Ker Dukey and K. Webster!

Benny had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
t like him, his dolly needed darkness as a fix, fix, fix.
So they tormented and hunted and played tricks, tricks, tricks.
Together their sins a lethal mix, mix, mix.

Until Benny missed his dolly who was lost, lost, lost.
He needed to find her and love her at any cost, cost, cost.
Not wanting him and his dolly to be alone, lone, lone.
He made plans to bring his dirty dolly, home, home, home.

Have you ever touched another’s soul with the essence of your own, breathed them in so they become apart of you?
I have.
Finally starting to live, feel and fall in love, amongst all the chaos surrounding me.
Dropping my guard and letting another into my heart.
I left my soul open.
I left my heart open.
I left the door open.
And he stole me.
Dillon…I’m sorry.

Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bios:

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!

My books all tend to be darker romance, edge of you seat, angst filled reads. My advice to my readers when starting one of my titles…prepare for the unexpected.

I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters growing up.

My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light; some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.

When I’m not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I’m a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.

Come find me on Facebook, where I love interacting with my readers.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

My Time at Glasgow's Winterland Book Signing!

Yesterday, I attended Glasgow's Winterland Book Signing! I had such a fun time at the signing! There were so many things going on and so many different things to do! I also got to see some familiar faces and meet some new authors!
Check out just some of my pictures below with a few of the amazing authors that I met and the signed books that I brought home! I wasn't able to get pictures with all the authors I met, but here's the few I did get! You can also check out the pictures HERE!
Me with Allana Walker!

Me with Caroline Easton!

Me with Katie M. John!

Me with Lisa J. Hobman!

Me with Tracie Podger!
My signed books! And check out my amazing cup!
I'd like to say a big thank you to Suzie and Kelly for organising such a fun and successful signing!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: GenreCRAVE Mega Giveaway Party!

Welcome to the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian Reader Appreciation Giveaway!
We’re so glad you stopped by! In this giveaway, EVERYONE who enters will win TWENTY FREE – EXCLUSIVE – ebooks by the sponsoring authors (to be delivered at the conclusion of the giveaway), and one GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a $1000 Amazon Gift Card! The Winner will be announced on February 1st at our Facebook Event. The winner will also receive an email directly.
There will ALSO be other prizes and giveaways happening at that event between now and our Grand Prize announcement! So make sure you mark yourself as attending so you don’t miss those great opportunities to win more prizes and snag more freebies!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks!
ETERNAL NIGHT, by Jade Kerrion
   Ashra’s hand trailed across Jaden’s muscled torso. He made it easy for her to be gentle. His body trembled as if he longed for her. His mouth was hungry for her kiss. He arched up against her, as if craving more. His need was like a living creature, wild and aching for her touch.
   Eyes closed, Ashra shivered. Only one other person had desired her as much.
   And he was dead.
   She forced her way through the memories of pale bodies tangled upon cool silk sheets. When her soul-sucking power leeched out, it found no opposition. Images of the human’s life rewound in a blaze of vivid sights, sounds, and sensations.
   Ashra looked up at Tera, her smile little more than a barely perceptible curve of her lips. “He fancies himself the protector of the child of prophecy. Was she among those taken tonight?”
   Tera nodded.
   Ashra chuckled, the sound without humor. “It’s a pity her genetic heritage wasn’t sufficiently superior to prevent her from being culled.”
   “There’s more. Go deep.”
   She pushed past the blackness at the start of his memories, expecting deeper darkness. Instead, the colors shifted into shades of ochre and gray. Memories, older than his body, resided in his soul; memories of an Earth long since lost to them—a planet surrounded and nourished by water; images of tall buildings glistening beneath a benevolent sun, and of thriving cities filled with the bustle of humans; memories of quiet and intimate conversations beneath a silver moon, the same silver moon that now graced Malum Turris with its light, though a thousand years older and viewed only from beneath the protection of the dome.
   She saw herself as he must have seen her, a much-younger icrathari, still hopeful for the future, never realizing that the Earth they had all known and loved was irretrievably lost. Had she ever looked that vulnerable? Had her smile ever been so beautiful, so filled with love as she looked upon—
   “Rohkeus?” Oh, blessed Creator, was that stricken whisper her voice?
   Ashra pulled back and stared at the human. Her mouth dropped open. Her heart pounded in her chest, its beat erratic. It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t be—
   She looked up at Tera. The other icrathari nodded.
   Rohkeus’s soul reborn…in a human.
   Ashra threw her head back and laughed, a despairing sound. Her prince, her love, reduced to a human? Her slender fingers coiled into fists. Her golden eyes glittering, she pushed away from him, though her body trembled from the loss of his warmth. No, the human was not Rohkeus; he could never be Rohkeus.
   Steeling herself against the gasp of pain that escaped from his lips as the anesthetizing effect of her kiss faded, Ashra rose to her feet with sinuous grace. “He is not one of us. Not anymore.” Nothing had been more devastating than losing Rohkeus to a human assassin. To see his soul reborn in that contemptible and weak race was an insult to the person Rohkeus had been.
   “Should we turn him into a vampire?” Tera asked.
   “Kill him. Set Rohkeus’s soul free.”

A Cross to Bear: A Gabriella Cross Paranormal Romance Book 1
   All around her, the sounds of baying wolves echoed in the night. Trees slapped her face as she ran, and she tripped more than once. She was crying now and mumbling to herself, terrified. She dared not look back, knowing that the wolves were pursuing her. She came out of the woods into a clearing leading to a tall hill. The howls came from all directions. Shadows flew through the woods in her peripheral vision, and Gabby cried out. She fell again, skinning her knee badly on a jagged rock. In her terrified state, she felt no pain, but continued as fast as she could and ran up the hill.
   A snarl came from directly behind her, and she instinctively turned and cried out. A wolf was bearing down on her fast. She turned and raised a hand as the beast leapt at her with gleaming claws leading the way.
   “NO!” Gabby cried.
   To her amazement, the wolf changed form in mid-flight and turned into a naked man. He landed at her feet on all fours and snarled at her.
   “Get away from me!” she screamed.
   The naked man backed away from her warily, glancing down at his human hands with a look of confusion and shock. More wolves were coming out of the woods. They stopped when they saw the one who had turned into a human in the light of the full moon.
   Gabby wasted no time considering her luck and ran as fast as she could up the hill.
   “Gabriella Cross, stop!” Michael’s voice rose up over the howls.
   Gabby could hardly see through her tears. She didn’t dare look back, knowing that she would find death closing in on her. She reached the top of the hill and ran across the flat expanse of rocky earth.
   “Gabriella!” came the voice again.
   The wolves were gaining on her.
   She darted between two pines blocking her way, receiving many scrapes on her face and arms. Half blinded by tears and slapping branches, she stumbled out from between the trees and suddenly came to a steep cliff. She tried to stop, but her momentum was too great. With a terrified cry she fell forward over the cliff.
   She frantically thrashed her arms as she fell to her death. Above, on the ledge, a mournful wolf cried out. The ground was coming up fast to crush her, and Gabby closed her eyes, not wanting to see her death.
   Then. Suddenly. Gabriella was weightless.
   Strong arms held her firmly. She opened her eyes to find a winged beast staring back at her.
   Gabby passed out.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Release Blitz: Rusty Nail [Uncertain Saints MC 06] by Lani Lynn Vale!

He knows that pain makes you stronger…
Wolf isn’t always a good person, and he doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind.
He is who he is, and he doesn’t offer apologies.
He isn’t out to impress anyone, and he doesn’t make excuses for his actions.
She knows that fear makes you braver…
Raven has made some bad decisions, and she’d give anything to go back in time and choose a different path.
The reality is that she can’t go back, and the day Wolf walks into her life, she finally realizes that maybe she doesn’t want to.
Wolf is everything she’s ever wanted, and the exact opposite of what she needs.
They both know heartbreak makes you wiser…
Wolf knows that this is not a good idea. There are a million reasons—all of them bad—telling him exactly why he should stay away.
But when Raven’s nightmares burst out of her dreams and into her reality, he doesn’t have a choice anymore.
He has to protect her, while somehow protecting his battered heart.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or iBooks
Author bio:

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Air [The Elementals 02] by L.B. Gilbert!


   Logan took in the flirtatious grin on Connell’s face and felt her face get even redder than it already was. None of Michel’s most practiced moves had ever turned her on as much as one smile from this man. He was carnal sin on two legs.
   Except he prefers four.
   Narrowing her eyes, she reminded herself how much she disliked Weres. She schooled her expression. “Something tells me you’re used to handling yourself just fine,” she said with a meaningful glance at his groin region.
   Her voice was sweeter than sugar, but her insinuation didn’t put him off. Instead, his smile deepened, and she was suddenly in danger of not being able to catch her breath.
   “Are you sure?” he teased.
   “Bathroom’s up the stairs, first door on the right.” She pointed, all business.
   Connell backed away with a long, lingering look. He was wearing that panty-melting smile when he turned and headed up the stairs.
   “Don’t forget to check the soles of your feet too,” she called after him, her voice perfectly even. Once he was gone, Logan let out a long, hard breath. Damn, that man was hot.
   She wished she had taken Michel up on one his many offers to take her to bed. Recent sex might have acted as a shield against Connell’s supercharged pheromones.
   Well, you didn’t sleep with him, and there’s no point regretting that now.
   Sighing, she dematerialized, heading outside for a quick trip to the air currents. It was better than a cold shower any day.

Despite being the junior Elemental, Logan’s never had to worry about failing a mission before. Not until an overgrown and annoyingly attractive shifter comes along.

Being an Elemental is in Logan’s blood. Hers is the gift of Air, a vast power she’s still struggling to control. Then a Were named Connell hunts her down. His wolf is missing, and he blames her.

A den of werewolves is the last place Logan wants to be. The testosterone alone is enough to make her choke. But she has a mystery to solve. She will find out who is stealing wolves even if kills her.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the enemy has planned…
Check it out on Goodreads!
Buy your copy from Amazon
Author bio:

USA Today bestselling author L.B. Gilbert spent years getting degrees from the most prestigious universities in America, including a PhD that she is not using at all. She moved to France for work and found love. She's married now and living in Toulouse with one adorable half-french baby.

She has always enjoyed reading books as far from her reality as possible but eventually the voices in her head told her to write her own. And so far the voices are enjoying them. You can check out the geeky things she likes on twitter @elementalauthor, facebook www.facebook.com/elementalsauthor, or www.elementalauthor.com

*If you like a little more steam with your Fire, check out the author's Lucy Leroux titles*